Healthrisk Technologies – Introduction to the permit Solution

In an ever more complex world of standards
and guidelines, healthcare professionals find themselves confronted
with the daunting task of managing and maintaining an ever increasing
regiment of non-traditional project management routines. New terms
such as ”
and CRP’s combine with the more traditional ILSM, to create demanding
monitoring standards to protect the health safety and welfare
of both patients and staff in our countries accredited health
care institutions.

Recognizing the need to deploy a fast effective
system of project management, we have crafted the PERMIT system.
The Portable Electronic Risk Management Interface provides an
implementation tool kit for all members of the risk assessment
team. The PERMIT system will aid in mandated conformance with
the JCAHO, Health Departments, and other AHJ’s involved in the
review and approval of construction and renovation plans in hospitals
and health care facilities.


The PERMIT concept is simple. To provide a
portable interface, easily handled in the construction environment,
with synchronization and networking capabilities, allowing for
the rapid creation and deployment of a project management routine
facilitating the monitoring of Infection
Control Risk Assessments
Interim Life Safety Measures

PERMIT will allow for input from multiple
individuals, accessing a web-based database, to create a common
and agreed upon Risk Assessment for proposed construction projects,
alterations and facilities maintenance. Post Risk Assessment,
PERMIT provides a daily monitoring tool, fully portable, with
the capacity to synchronize to the web-based database.

The monitoring format links the ”
and ” prescriptive
requirements with real world situations providing Facility Managers,
Engineers, Architects, Construction Managers, Infection Control
Personnel, and others a means to not only administer compliance,
but maintain a documentation archive capable of
presenting detailed reports delineating the entire control process.


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