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Need to fill a new prescription?  Need to transfer a
prescription to CarePharm from another mail order pharmacy or
simply print out an enrollment form? Our on-line Member Service
allows you to do all of the above to expedite your order.

We provide least cost generic drug
pricing to our customers through our pharmacy program. Our
online pharmacy offers you the same confidential, professional
and personal service that you would find in most neighborhood

Our pharmacy
uses only the highest quality FDA approved pharmaceutical
products. All of our medications come entirely from U.S.
manufactures, no exceptions.

are registered with the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA),
and strictly adhere with all state and federal regulations
concerning the practice of pharmacy.

We offer least
cost generic prescription drugs by mail order to help the
insured and non-insured cash-paying customer to afford
medications they need. Our low-priced generic medications are on
average 200% below the competition.

We focus on
providing least cost GENERIC prescription medication pricing.
Least cost generic drug pricing is the answer and education is
our vehicle – tell your doctor that you only want your
prescription filled by CarePharm.

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