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Abilify Reviews – About Abilify

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Abilify Reviews – What Is Abilify?

Abilify is an anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drug that is used to treat various mood and mental disorders.

Abilify Reviews – Abilify Uses

Abilify was 1st approved for use by FDA to treat schizophrenia – a mental disorder that is caused by disruption of thought processes and emotional responses. Schizophrenia symptoms include hallucinations, delusions, disorganized speech and thinking, and social and occupational dysfunction. Abilify reviews: With medication, schizophrenia can be brought under control and schizophrenic patients are able to lead normal lives just like any other person.

Abilify is also used to treat bipolar disorder – a mood disorder characterized by depressive and/or manic episodes. It varies in persons. For some, they may not experience depressive episodes, whereas for others, they may experience both episodes that change rapidly, known as rapid cycling. Abilify reviews: With proper medication, manic and depressive episodes can be treated and managed.

The 3rd disorder that Abilify treats is major depressive disorder – a mood disorder that causes low self-esteem, low mood, and loss of pleasure and interest in activities. This major depressive disorder is different from depression that most people will feel at some point in life. This is a condition that affects the individual’s lifestyle, relationships with people, and their place in society in general.

Another disorder that Abilify treats is irritability in autism patients, especially children over 6 years old. Abilify reviews: With Abilify, it reduces changing moods, aggression, self-inflicted injuries, and irritability.

The above conditions can be treated with Abilify. Abilify restores back into the brain certain chemicals imbalance which causes the above conditions.

Abilify Reviews – Who Is This Not For?

Abilify is not for patients allergic to this drug or its ingredients. It is also not for patients who are suffering from dementia, or have conditions related to it. People suffering from other medical conditions who should not take Abilify include heart diseases, liver diseases, kidney diseases, seizure disorders, heart rhythm problems, swallowing problems, low white blood cells, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, and those with breast cancer history.

Abilify reviews: When on Abilify medication, check your level of blood sugar regularly as it can cause sugar levels in your blood to rise. This is especially true if you’re taking Abilify in liquid form. Always consult your health-care giver if you have any questions about Abilify.

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