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AQUACabana Magazine, the

world’s first 100% Waterproof & Tree Free resort

and spa magazine, is becoming a real force in the luxury

resort & spa publications industry. To date we have not

only produced our own successful commercial publication,

but we have been requested to print up the biannual

in-room corporate magazine/brochure for a well known

resort management company and their 45 properties.

AQUACabana was chosen as we have a very flexible

business model that can accommodate most any budget.

AQUACabana is open to discussing your needs and how we

can provide an upscale and possibly profitable solution.

Our basic business model is to print up a custom magazine

for an individual property or group of property’s that

gives the reader the impression that the magazine was

printed by the respective property. The cover page and

first 6-8 pages are dedicated to that property, with the

remainder of the magazine/s being allocated to local,

national, and international advertisers and sponsors.

We have an incredibly unique business model for our resort

partners as well as having a strong offering for our

advertisers. Our resort partners benefit from the


  • Unique waterproof and eco-friendly upscale magazine

    published with your pool on it and your property featured

    in the first several pages

  • For corporate magazine/brochures, a waterproof

    eco-friendly upscale magazine produced at competitive

    prices (under the right circumstances, the cost can even

    be $0.00)

  • Resorts can potentially turn their in-house

    magazine/brochure into a profit center

  • Resort partners are featured on our two television

    programs (produced by our local and national partner


  • Resorts may be included in our nationally distributed

    quarterly publication at no cost

  • As we move into different markets, we will hold pool

    party’s to promote the magazine, at selected partner


Our advertising clients benefit in the following ways:

  • For one low price, they can be included in local,

    regional, national, and international editions

  • Have the option of advertising at any level from local

    to international and everything in between

  • Advertisers can take advantage of pre-booking discounts

    (at all levels)

  • Advertisers can take advantage of multiple edition

    discounts (at all levels)

  • May be featured on our television partner networks

In a year from now, we expect to be in well over 100

resorts worldwide. Advertisers can be included in each

resorts’ custom edition or again they can choose to just

be in the local editions.

If you are interested in having AQUACabana print your

custom magazine and/or brochure, please contact
Paul Weismann.

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