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What To Pay Hourly, Daily, Per Project For Outsourcing Freelance Work

Cost Of Web Design In Canadian Dollars – Page Cost & Price Breaks

  • $70.00 per page from 1-5 pages*
  • $58.50 per page from 6-10 pages*
  • $53.25 per page from 11-15 pages
  • $50.00 per page from 16-20 pages
  • $47.75 per page for 21 or more pages

*Small projects of 7 pages of less, will not be subject to, nor will it include a project development report as outlined in my consultant services.

These low cost web design and development price quotes do not include copywritten material if required. In most cases copywritten material provided by clients will be edited and search engine optimized without additional charge subject to case by case analysis.

Web Design & Development Consulting Prices By Project, Hourly Or Daily

  • $425.00 per project*
  • $40.00 hourly for in-person general consultation services
  • $250.00 daily (maximum 8 hours) for in-person general consultation services

*The $425.00 per project price is a 3 day consulting process. Clients who proceed with a project will have that fee credited to a final project cost. Here is an example. If a final cost is estimated at $700.00 your $425.00 consultation fee credit will be applied and a balance of $275.00 will be due upon project completion.

Outsourcing Freelance Writing Services Cost

  • .20¢ per word of search engine optimized content for project development clients.
  • .40¢ per word of search engine optimized content for outsourcing writer requests.

Managed VPS Host Yearly Pricing

  • $425.00 per year for Managed VPS Hosting (sorry, no monthly plans available)

Low cost hosting prices are for managed resources as outlined in the VPS host plan. Included is a monthly technical support assistance time allowance related to changes or updates to existing content as governed by the managed VPS host agreement.

Ataraxis recommends Cirrus Web Hosting Canada for alternative choices not offered here.

Custom Graphics Prices

  • .25¢ per KB of optimized graphic file

Graphics prices quoted here are per KB of file size after optimization has been applied to reduce an image file size to its most efficient file size without loss of quality. Prices quoted do not include fees of acquiring necessary images from a photo stock service. Prices quoted are for handling and customization charges.

To put it in perspective, I have a total of 39 images throughout my site. Total optimized image file sizes combined is 274KB. Total manipulation and graphics customization work charges would be $68.50 plus variable fees of acquiring photo stock images.

Payment Methods

My present payment options do not include debit cards, credit cards, or chocolate gold coins. Company cheques, personal cheques, as well as cash are accepted.

PST, HST, GST Taxes…

Whatever the flavour of the day happens to be we will have to throw the dog a bone. Our government enthusiastically looks forward to receiving healthy portions of our hard earned income so we have to pay it. All quotes provided are subject to, but do not include, applicable taxes. Prices are quoted in $CDN and are subject to change without notice.

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