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China scoops up 100,000 kg of poisoned dead fish

Authorities have scooped up around 100,000 kilograms (220,000 pounds) of dead fish they say were poisoned by ammonia from a …

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

UNEP to help Bougainville manage clean-up of Rio Tinto mine

The United Nations Environment program will help Papua New Guinea’s island of Bougainville manage on-going environmental issu…

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Climate challenge dominates opening of Pacific Islands Forum in Marshall Islands

The incoming chairman of the Pacific Islands Forum, Christopher Loeak, has told Pacific leaders he would drown in the rising …

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Indian village remains in mourning for 23 children killed by eating pesticide-laced government food

In a remote Indian village 55 students sat down for a state-sponsored lunch. Twenty-three of them would die in a poisoning bl…


Tokyo bid leader assures IOC members on Fukushima

Just days before the vote, the leader of Tokyo’s bid for the 2020 Olympics has sent a letter to IOC members seeking to reass…


Polio breaks out amid militant threats in Pakistan

Syed Wali desperately wants to immunize his three young children against polio but fears the Islamic militants who banned th…


Double risk of leukaemia for Vietnam vets

New Zealand’s Vietnam War veterans are almost twice as likely to suffer from a common form of adult leukaemia than the genera…


Strong quake hits Indonesia; no tsunami threat

A strong earthquake struck off eastern Indonesia on Sunday, causing panic among residents in East Timor, but there were no i…


Bigger and healthier: European men grow 11cm in a century

US-EUROPE-HEIGHT:Bigger and healthier: European men grow 11cm in a century…


US clinic to offer ‘Breaking Bad’ free rehab

An Albuquerque mental health clinic is using the hit cable TV show “Breaking Bad” and its methamphetamine trafficking theme …


Video game boosts mental abilities in older folks

A specialized video game may help older people boost mental skills like handling multiple tasks at once.
In a preliminary st…


Automakers report sales up double-digits in August

Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler and General Motors all reported double-digit U.S. sales gains last month as strong sales of p…


Nyad isn’t planning to slow down after Cuba swim

Diana Nyad may have finally completed her long-held dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida, but even at an age where many pe…


Japan’s radioactive water leaks: How dangerous?

New revelations of contaminated water leaking from storage tanks at the tsunami-ravaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power pla…

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