The gameroom

Game Room  at My Place is as much reactive as it is interactive. 
All out fun is the mission at hand. 
Choose from 45 of the best video simulator and redemption games ever
Test your pipe jumping capabilities on Top
cruise the streets of Los Angeles on an orange and black Harley
motorcycle, pilot a Winston Cup race car at 200miles per hour on the banks at Daytona,
 or wrestle the wake and
white water on Rapid River. 
Younger guests will enjoy testing their skill on Buzzy
Buzzy Bee
, or compete alongside mom or dad on the legendary Skeeball
games and air hockey tables.  Choose
a color, any color, on Colorama, as
every guest is a winner. 

with attractively designed neon lights, rotating My Place characters, and “high energy” floor and wall
motifs, the My Place game room is
the most exciting place in the house.  Jump
on board the  Family
and prepare for the ride of your life, as it spins at high speeds
forward, then backward, through rolling hills. Attach the locking seat bar and
then raise your hands in the air as the
Family Himalaya
combines the excitement of a roller coaster ride with the
exhilaration of going in both directions! 

for more?  Step onto the Sizzler.  Whether you’re 5 or 85, this ride is for you. 
As it begins to rotate around its axis, the Sizzler’s
pods begin to cycle in opposite directions, keeping its occupants in constant
motion.  Hang on tight, because
when this ride hits high gear, the fun really starts! Lean to the right, now
the left, back to the right.  If
you enjoy the wind in your hair and a smile on your face, the Sizzler
at My Place is a must! 

enjoying the rides, its time to battle the dinosaurs on the 50″ screen of 
JurassicPark: The Lost World.
 Next, its off to the sea for Bass
and Ocean Hunter, each
featuring  a life-like 50″
screen and theater-quality surround sound.   
Stop at the Photo Sticker
booth for instant photo sticker decals of family and friends and be sure to be
the first on your block to experience the Stars
Wars Trilogy
space capsule.  Whatever
your choice, the game room experience is not complete without enjoying the
most complete line of redemption games available.   
Watch as your ticket winnings mount electronically on your My
Fun Card as you test your
eye and hand coordination on Claim
or hit the jackpot on Cyclone.  Splat a few spiders on Spider
or dump the truck’s payload on Big
to gain ticket credits toward the prize of your choice. 
Are you a big sports fan?  Beat
your previous score on the Homerun
or “slam-dunk” like the big boys on Super

those who love to test their skill, venture to the Sports Arena, where a careful eye and steady hand can instantly
reward the player with their favorites team’s logo keychain or try the Drill-o-matic,
where the guest can “drill” their way to a new analog or digital
sports watch.  Take a ride on the Plush Bus, the world’s newest-style toy crane or satisfy your sweet
tooth at the arm of the Candy Crane.      

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