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posted by Savanah on Nov 3

Jaipur is, by any account, a beautiful city.  Its central grid, based on the principles of a mandala, and designed so that the citizens here would be blessed with health and luck, there is a sense of the fantastic here that permeates everything.  It has a lively nightlife, but also offers plenty of quieter diversions, and travelers looking for fun or relaxation will probably find a whole lot of both.  There are plenty of attractions for the young ones, so that they will have plenty to see while they’re here, and there are also plenty of things to do that can take you late into the evening.  There are many things to see and do in Jaipur.  Hotels are plentiful, and there are some magnificent accommodations.

You can find something that will suit every taste, and every budget.  It’s a spectacular feeling to wake up when you’re on vacation, and realize that the day has to offer whatever you might put into it.  Beginning with a splendid local breakfast is a delightful experience, introducing you to some of the finest foods in the region, and it’s always nice to spend time in a local cafe, watching the local culture wake up and begin its daily bustle of activity.  If you’re here in the Spring, you might want to arrange your visit to coincide with the Jaipur Festival.  This is an annual event celebrating the cultural heritage of Jaipur, and is a fantastic thing for visitors of all ages.

It’s sponsored by the Jaipur Virasat Foundation, a non-profit devoted to preserving the cultural diversity in Jaipur.  It is very refreshingly artists-oriented, focusing on those who are working in any of the local traditional arts.  You can see some stunning work in dance, music, and folk theatre traditions come to life, and get to know the local culture from a point of view not generally accessible to outsiders, and see what the artists who work in traditional forms are doing right here at this very moment.

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