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    Sales seasons » 2009 » february

    Hiring a Professional Online for Your Marketing Efforts

    If you are looking for better marketing techniques and you just are not sure how to get started with a marketing campaign then maybe you should consider hiring someone to help you. This will benefit you in many ways. A marketer is going to take a look at your goals and your needs, determine what needs to be done to reach these issues, and begin working on putting the marketing plan in action to make these things happen.

    Marketing professionals are there to help you reach your goals with customers online and to beat out the competition. When you practice methods on your own you could be doing more harm than good. The best thing you can do is work with a professional to help you. The first thing a marketer is going to do is sit down with you and discuss exactly what it is you want to do. You may have a goal to sell as many artificial Christmas trees as possible.

    Once your goals are clear the marketer will take a look at your online business and determine any obstacles or problems causing you not to be successful. He or she will take a look at your site and see if there are problems with why you are not selling any artificial Christmas trees. You might find all of the traffic coming to your site is from people looking for things like lighted palm trees and not your product at all. The marketer will repair any web design problems and then come up with a plan to create hype and get the word out that your company exists.

    The marketing plan that a marketer comes up with will be based on the scope of your goals and vision of the company. If your primary concern is to bring in as much traffic as possible then you will need to go along with the marketer. They know how to bring in loads of traffic; whether it is relevant or not. Some of the methods that a marketer will practice for your business include writing articles and publishing them throughout the web, sending out press releases to different media outlets around the world, and even practicing an email campaign. They will reach out to thousands of different users and businesses to get the word out about your business and create hype about the products and services you offer. They will make it clear to the online communities why you are the right place to shop.

    Hiring a professional for marketing efforts is usually the better option if you do not have an education in marketing or you aren’t quite sure if your efforts are working. A professional not only can tell you why you are not successful today but they can repair current problems and get the word out about your business. They can help you generate more revenue and professional marketers today are extremely affordable rather than what they used to cost in the past with traditional methods.

    Article source: http://www.salesseasons.com/blog/

    February 17th, 2009 by admin

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    For effectual Xenical weight loss, the permitted dosage should accompany a low calorie diet with not more than 30% of calories from fat. Intake of Xenical medication should be combined with consumption multivitamins as regular use of Xenical may source deficiency of fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K, and beta carotene.

    Some of the Xenical side effects can be enumerated as:

    1. Oily rectal discharge
    2. Loss of bowel control
    3. Fatty or oily stool

    These side effects are a consequence of bodily adjustments to Xenical medication. If these or any other side effects persist for a longer period of time, seek immediate medial assistance. Ensure prior medical consultation before you go ahead with Xenical medication.

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    Capital region business expo


    One-on-One Business Coaching Sessions     FREE

    As part of the Capital Region Business Expo, we have arranged for our team of Small Business Experts to provide guidance, support and advice via private Coaching Sessions with local business owners.

    There are only 3 or 4 sessions available on the Tuesday and again on the Wednesday afternoon with each of our experts – so you must book quickly.

    Each session is 20 to 25 minutes.  If you need some individual advice in the area of General Management/Finance, Marketing or Customers…book your session now.  These sessions are restricted to those who already own/operate their own business. 

    David Wilson, Business Coach

    David is the thinking business owners’ business coach. No short cuts, no guess work.  He just distills the most important core financial and general management strategies into business plans that can be realistically applied and achieve your business objectives.

    He has been known to reduce his clients to tears – in a good way – as they appreciate his innate ability to turn losses into profit.

    David’s sessions are scheduled for 2.00pm, 2.30pm, 3.00pm and 3.30pm both days.

    For more about David, www.davidwilsonbusinesscoach.com.au


    Things to know

    Like the road accidents, even the work related injuries or accidents are common nowadays. However, there is the difference that some of them are presented for the compensation claims. Reason is obvious that most of the people are afraid to go against the employers. They bear financial and physical pains of the personal injuries got from the accidents and don’t dare of going for the work accident compensation claims. For this AccidentClaimsCo can help you out. Somewhere such situation can be blamed on unawareness of the employees that the employers are liable for ensuring the safe working surrounding in workplace. Doesn’t matter what occupation and industry you are at, the employer is totally bound to go by norms of the ‘duty of care’. This means employers have onus to do anything & everything, this is practical, in ensuring the welfare of employees and suppose they fail in doing so, they will be breaking rules of the employee welfare.
    How and when to go ahead with the work accident claims?
    Suppose you or somebody else you are known with have actually happened to get the personal injuries on work place and it was caused by negligence on the employers’ part, then you will be entitled to go for the work accident claims with AccidentClaimsCo. Suppose you aren’t aware of procedures involved, then you may consult the solicitors for seeking advice on a matter. They can guide you through the steps that are involved in the work accident claims as well as can help you to get the compensation claim for personal injuries that you got and expert lawyers can help you to win over 100 per cent compensation at No Win and No Fee basis. According to the law, employer will not sack employee just because they opted for the work accident claims.

    It is vital you make sure you understand how much interest is being changed by online payday loan lenders. Don’t just jump in to the situation since you could need to pay a substantial amount of money. For this reason most specialists will suggest you consider consulting the finical lenders in advance so you could discuss the details and in some cases you may also be charged a smaller interest rate since you are not in a desperate position and are capable of negotiating. If you suddenly visit the rapid lenders at the last moment when you need money urgently most will charge no less than 15% per month. This is quite a substantial amount of money and it is vital to make sure you have the require source of income before borrowing since this could lead to accumulating overwhelming amounts of interest over just a short period of time. Since the interest in mainly charged on a month basis if you default on the amount you could be devastated by the amount of compound interest that may accumulate over the period. We will provide a simple example below to clearly explain the risk of borrowing and defaulting on the payment.
    If you borrow 000 after a month the amount payable would be 250, if you do not pay the next month is would rise to 562.50 on the 3rd month the amount would be 953.55 and in the 4th month if would have risen to above double what you had borrowed. This is because you will be charged compound interest on borrowed amount which must be paid within a short period of time. Mismanaging these loans will lead to simply entering a situation which may lead to be more threatening them the reason you borrowed the loan in the first place thus making t vital to consider carefully.

    Sometimes assignments assigned to the students are tough. These kinds of assignments have only been completed in one way. And that way is by having enough amount of research done. To get the knowledge about anything you must get into the details .Assignments could be completed easily with the help of online essay services. Now you can get stressed free even you are assigned to do a task and wish to hang out with your friends. You just need to visit the website providing the services and you can even hang out with friends.
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    All of the assignment regarding the essay writings has high weighted in terms of grades and marks. Most of the time you would see that requirement of an essay is mandatory and there is compulsion that one should submit the essay within the provided time frame. Sometimes there is some research oriented topics as well.

    Do you want to get one hour payday loans? Now it has become possible to acquire loans in one hour because lending option is available for you. There are various types of loans like payday loan, instant loan, normal bank loan and credit loan. The conditions and terms are different for each type of loan offer. The one hour loan is getting very popularity in the world because it is very easy to avail online. You can get one hour instant loan only from lenders. It is not possible to get such offers from banks and financial organizations. Some time you may need cash in emergency to meet the challenges of life. You may face higher electricity bills, medical checkups and college fee. Therefore urgent cash is required to deal with such situations successfully. You can also borrow money from your friends, relatives and others but it is very embarrassing experience. It is not wise to borrow money from any person because it will expose your financial condition in front of all. Therefore it is good to use the lending option to avoid from embarrassing experience. Most of people use the option of one hour payday loan only to pay the medical bills. However you can avail this offer to meet different challenges of life.
    One disadvantage of payday loan is its higher interest rate. Therefore payday loans are very expensive in comparison to normal bank loans. The higher interest rate of payday loans makes it less popular among people. Therefore it is wise to use the payday loan option only in emergency condition. You can use variety of options to decrease the interest rate of payday loans. You can repay loan fast in the form of installments to enjoy the discount offers. It is also good to return loan before deadline.

    Payday loans are easily available and this makes it easier for people to get them. This is unlike other loans, which require you to submit a number of different details that will undergo the verification process, which might end up taking a week. Some have the urgent need for cash while others do not have money to move out of the home. This calls for payday loans online, which make it effective for one to make the application using the online channel. You need to know what you want, the availability to make the repayments and adhere to all the rules. This is one area that many people do not want to understand and it ends up costing them more cash in the end. You have all the time online to make the comparisons with other providers and choose those that have the applicable terms.
    In order to access payday loans online you need to have an active account with the lending party and prove you have what it takes to maintain the loan. You will latest choose the loan application form, and key in the details that you want. Based on the interest rates and the repayment period, you will get the complete schedule of the terms based on remittance to the facility for the loan and the balance that will remain in your account. This is an instant process and once you have made the application, you will submit to the system. This undergoes the verification process to find if you have qualified to get the loan. Once it is approved, you will find the balance already in your account and have the chance to start using it. This means you do not have to move from your busy schedule and can still solve the emergency that you have, and continue with your work in a span of minutes. This is a safe, easier and reliable way to get the loans.

    Drug Treatment is ensured at Malibu rehabilitation center but, even after a person has completely recovered from an addiction, there are many problems that many middle-aged people go through. One of these problems is chronic pains. Chronic pains can be a really bad experience that the person has to live with. For many people even after the addiction is gone, chronic pains remain and they do not leave the person for their whole life. It is for this reason that the Malibu rehabilitation center gives special treat to chronic pains even after Drug Treatment is performed. Chronic pains are treated not by using medicine or external-use ointments or stuff like that. The proper method of treating chronic pains is to look for the factors that are causing those pains. Just like the treatment of drug addiction, chronic pain treatment has a lot to do with how the person lives rather than what medicine the person should be given. At Malibu rehabilitation center each and every aspect of a person’s life is closely watched and those observations are used in very intelligently designed treatment methodologies, that finally help professionals at the rehab center to treat those people. Once the treatment is decided for a particular person, some aspects of the life that person are changed or slightly varied in such a way that the person shouldn’t feel the change in a big way. As a result the chronic pains of that person start going away slowly and naturally, instead of the idea in which the person has to use internal or external medicines for the rest of their life. Each and every person is different from each other. That is the reason the treatment methods at Malibu rehabilitation center are designed such that they are customized for each kind of person at every age.

    It is always easy to get some instant cash in the form of Payday loans online , click here to know. The difficulty comes when the repayment time approaches. The difficulty is never realized while taking loan, because it looks so lucrative that people land up signing the documents there and then without reading them once.
    Of course, sometimes they are very hard pressed that they cannot waste any time in getting money. In either of the cases they are more likely to land up in trouble. Here are some useful tips to choose right loan without spending much time to get it. They also help in making the instant short loans more useful.
    • Never walk up to the lender directly and ask for loan. First research online and make a list of lenders in your area.
    • Find out their credibility by reading reviews. So times their websites also speak about it.
    • Check for the reliability of loan lenders. That means how many of them are actually registered with the local governments. Only registered are governed by the local regulations and legislation.
    • After short listing they as mentioned above, get into the details of what they have to offer you. Like what are the interest rates, processing fees and the loan amount. Do comparisons among the lenders left with.
    • After further filtering, start some kind of correspondence with them so as to confirm your findings. Their prompt answers also matter a lot here.
    Finally walk up to the lender and start some bargain with him to strike good deal.

    In these days of financial crisis people are really worried about maintaining their life as smooth as it should be. People have monetary pressure because of several reasons such as house rent, medical bills, kid’s study and many more. People even face bad credit while maintaining all these things. If you have bad credit nobody will give you loan instantly or during your emergency requirement. This is really an embarrassing situation when you have to pay your medical bills but you don’t have enough money for it.
    Get quick loan with better interest rate that suits you:
    If you are being worried to manage your fast cash need due to poor credit history, then you must consider about http://go-aagp.org/ like most reliable lending website to get secure assistance in comfortable manner. Only, you need fill required information details of this website through which you can easily pass your need to this professional lender. You don’t have to pay any sorts of charges for your application and only pay fees, which set by law. These professionals can take your entire responsibility and accepts your loans in faster way.
    You can’t face any sorts of critical terms and conditions to process your loan application in http://go-aagp.org/. While dealing with such service provider or lender you can feel assure that you can get money within your needed time. They also ensure you to fulfill your requirement in the best possible manner. At http://go-aagp.org/ you can find better interest rate for your required loan. No matter for what reason you are taking the money your loan will be approved by filling just some formalities. So, why are you wasting your valuable time by moving here and there for the lenders? Just visit http://go-aagp.org/ and get the best possible deal as far as quick cash are concerned.

    Normally the policy makers of the loan are not very flexible when it comes to issuance of the loan. Normally there are different policies for different type of the loans but as far as online payday loan is concerned it is already very flexible for the customers.
    The policy about the payday loan is quite simple. But sometimes there are certain numbers of situations where there is a need to evaluate the procedure or in other way you can say that there is some flexibility given to the clients. We will be looking in to different scenarios in which the client is given some flexibility. Normally these types of loan ranges below or equals to 1000$ but sometimes the client finds it difficult to pay back. In this type of situation the client is obliged by different websites by splitting the payment in to installments so that the client can repay the loan easily.
    There are number of website that offers installment for longer period of time with which the client gets the extra time to repay the loan but the question is that why a company gives such relaxation to the clients. These kinds of relaxations depends upon many factors like if individual is permanent client then a website may give the relaxation but most of the time these kinds of relaxations are given with the charge of the penalty on to the customer. In return the client gets the extra time to repay the amount of the loan that he or she has borrowed.
    Your payment history should be clean in order to get online payday loan. The impact of the history can be understood by the fact that you have to pay an extra amount of money in form of rate of return to the lender.

    Web design has been considered for a long time to be just a basis for web pages to look good. However now as new standards are popping up and new open source browsers are being released on the Internet every day, design has a much deeper meaning. In yesteryears design meant that the website should look good and there was very little interactivity on those good-looking websites. At the current moment however, websites look a lot better than how websites looked before and they are also a lot more interactive than older websites. The singular technology that focused on both looks and interactivity was Flash. Now however, Flash has been replaced by mainly a library of JavaScript. It is safe to say that flash has become obsolete. There are a lot of plug-ins available that are developed in Java, that have replaced plug-ins from flash and Macromedia. At Los Angeles Web Design all the technologies that are used to design web pages are ensured to be based on the currently popular standards. Our designers and other programmers ensure that the resultant websites that are being created for any client are compatible with open source as well as proprietary web browsers. The focus of programmers lies heavily at the style of programming that Google Chrome has adapted. If anyone wants to see the peak of web development, they should go to Google Chrome’s application section and download a few applications. These applications are made in Java and are implemented in the browser to a wrapper interface. This is the kind of programming and design that the company sets its eye on. Other than that, there are many browsers that have plug-in features. Los Angeles Web Design has developed many of that plug-ins and keeps a sharp eye out for more challenging projects that need to be done in plug-in design and application design.

    Would you like to enjoy skiing and a nice place for accommodation? If so, then Chamonix Chalets could be the right one for you. Chamonix is located near Mont Blanc. In France, this is one of the most famous skiing resorts that attracts good amount of visitors from different corners of the world. Chamonix is also renowned for various types of adventure sport activities. Chamonix chalets have five different ski zones from which Grand Montets is one of the top skiing zones.

    Let’s visit the most renowned and appreciated resort in France:

    Without any doubt the ski resort is 1 of the most renowned resort in France and also in the world as well. this resort grab the attention of all kinds of skiers as well as snowboarders however it has also the reputation of offering some of the finest as well as most exciting free riding in Europe. In fact, Chamonix Chalets is considered by several as the birth region of mountain as well as extreme sports and no doubt it is living up to its name and fame.

    A great resort to spend the vacation:

    The resort comprise of five major zones placed along the basin. The Grands Montets region provides the highest level of skiing with pistes from one thousand two hundred twenty three meter to three thousand three hundred meters. Most importantly here you could board or ski the glacier as well as the region has a massive number of off piste choices. This is really a destination where you can enjoy your vacation in the best possible manner. The atmosphere here is really energetic and you can feel the vive here as soon as you land in this region. So, if you are planning to have a skiing holiday with your friends and family, do visit Chamonix Chalets Today

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    This student loan is provided once a student shows a proof of what education he is trying to pursue. The student has to promise the bank to pay back the full amount in a number of installments once he gets a job on the completion of the academic course for which the loan was availed. Most students who wish to pursue their studies in world class institutions but cannot avail it are opting for these loans on a large scale. A time period of a few years is given to these students from the time o their graduation to repay the loan in full along with the interest rates.

    Student loans usually charge an optimum rate of interest that is suitable for that loan. These loans are provided over the course duration and an either be taken as a lump sum or can be withdrew whenever in need. A few loans given to students who wish to pursue their education abroad cover the initial living expenses up to a certain extent or in full depending on the requirement of the student. A few banks avail these loans only to the students who do well enough in their subjects so that they have an assurance that the loan would be repaid. This is because when a person who he not interested in studying is bound to end up without any knowledge and in turn a job and hence cannot repay the loan. It should be taken care of that the student does well in the subjects so as to keep the eligibility for a loan open.

    O’berry cavanaugh : :

    Stephanie Kaleva

    Stephanie Kaleva is a forward-thinking, strategic leader.  At O’Berry Cavanaugh, Stephanie is dedicated to the highest levels of client service and helps clients achieve their business objectives through innovative public relations programs.  Second place is not an option for Stephanie and her ambition and creative intellect are great assets to O’Berry Cavanaugh clients.

    Stephanie’s core strengths are research and trend analysis, written communications strategy, and event planning.  She is distinguished by her ability to quickly tap into broad information sources, synthesize research, and spot industry trends that help clients stay ahead of their competitors.  She is a skilled and versatile writer and delivers to clients and the media strong, consistent messaging, succinct communication, and timely recommendations that get results.  She delivers well-thought-out and well-planned special events, with an unmatched attention to detail.  Combined, these skills help client executives make critical decisions faster and develop programs that create top-of-mind awareness among customers and media.

    Stephanie is also a creative thinker, an excellent public speaker, a practiced negotiator, and a tactical problem solver.  Stephanie thinks well on her feet and is good at handling emergencies and last-minute crises.  Also, her training in graphic design allows her to visually enhance the public relations materials she creates.   Stephanie is also an avid reader and diligently educates herself on local, state, national, and international news, as well as business news, industry trends, and materials that relate to her professional development.  Additionally, Stephanie approaches every situation with dedication, determination, and enthusiasm.  She is extremely self-motivated and is known among colleagues for her willingness to take on new challenges.

    Prior to O’Berry Cavanaugh, Stephanie worked in the Continuing Education department at GonzagaUniversity as a project assistant.  In this capacity, Stephanie wrote and distributed press releases, designed advertisements and various promotional materials, bought media, and assisted the department’s director in planning special events.  Stephanie also served as a public relations intern for Allegro Baroque and Beyond, the publicity coordinator for Gonzaga’s New Student Orientation program, a workstudy at the Gonzaga Bookstore, the project coordinator for the General Motors Marketing project, and a Nabisco representative.  The experience she gained in these capacities developed her proficiency in management, graphic design, media relations, community relations, various computer applications, public speaking, event planning, research, and fundraising.

    When Stephanie’s not consulting, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Christopher Kaleva, who is currently working toward his Ph.D. in physics.  She also likes to hike, cross-country ski, do yoga, rubber stamp, scrapbook, listen to country music, dance, read, and spend time with her family.

    Stephanie graduated summa cum laude from GonzagaUniversity in the spring of 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations and minors in business administration and advertising.  From 2001-2003, Stephanie served as the co-president of Gonzaga’s Public Relations Society.  In the spring of 2002, Stephanie was honored with the Spokane Public Relations (PRSA) Educational Excellence Award.  Stephanie is a native Montanan who was raised in Lewistown and graduated from FergusHigh School in 1999.  Stephanie is currently a member of the Montana Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

    Toni O’Berry

    Bridget Cavanaugh

    The gameroom

    Game Room  at My Place is as much reactive as it is interactive. 
    All out fun is the mission at hand. 
    Choose from 45 of the best video simulator and redemption games ever
    Test your pipe jumping capabilities on Top
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     or wrestle the wake and
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    Younger guests will enjoy testing their skill on Buzzy
    Buzzy Bee
    , or compete alongside mom or dad on the legendary Skeeball
    games and air hockey tables.  Choose
    a color, any color, on Colorama, as
    every guest is a winner. 

    with attractively designed neon lights, rotating My Place characters, and “high energy” floor and wall
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    Family Himalaya
    combines the excitement of a roller coaster ride with the
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    for more?  Step onto the Sizzler.  Whether you’re 5 or 85, this ride is for you. 
    As it begins to rotate around its axis, the Sizzler’s
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    enjoying the rides, its time to battle the dinosaurs on the 50″ screen of 
    JurassicPark: The Lost World.
     Next, its off to the sea for Bass
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    Stop at the Photo Sticker
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    Are you a big sports fan?  Beat
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    those who love to test their skill, venture to the Sports Arena, where a careful eye and steady hand can instantly
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    sports watch.  Take a ride on the Plush Bus, the world’s newest-style toy crane or satisfy your sweet
    tooth at the arm of the Candy Crane.      

    Mma leverage

    UFC 141 will take place on friday December 30th, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main event will be for the number-one contender in the Heavyweight division between the former UFC Heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar and the former Strikeforce and Dream Heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem.


    Nam Phan (17-9) vs. Jimy Hettes (9-0) Featherweight

    The one huge advantage that i see in this fight is the striking of Nam Phan. Phan has the best left hook to the body in my opinion, finishing fighters like Mike Budnik, Cody McKenzie with that crippling shot. The strength of Jimy Hettes is his Jiu Jitsu. Hettes has finish all of his fights by submission. Hettes has not faced anyone with an accomplished Jiu Jitsu background that could challenge or avoid his submission game. With a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, Nam Phan will be more than comfortable on the ground, but an obvious tactic would be keeping the fight on the feet.

    Phan via KO 1st round


    Vladimir Matyushenko(26-5) vs. Alexander Gustafsson(12-1) Light Heavyweight

    This is a perfect example of a veteran fighter, versus a young fighter. Vladimir Matyushenko is a fourteen year MMA veteran with victories over Pedro Rizzo, Tim Boetsch, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Igor Pokrajac. Gustafsson is a true up and comer, with a four-and-one record in the UFC and a diverse set of skills displayed on fighters like Matt Hamill, Jared Hamman and James Te-Huna.

    Both fighters have knockout power, but Gustafsson is much quicker and younger than the forty year old Matyushenko. Gustafsson has good Jiu Jitsu and boxing, but Matyushenko relies on heavy punches and excellent wrestling. I really can’t see this fight going the distance, but crazier things have happened.

    Gustafsson via 2nd round TKO  



      Jon Fitch(23-3-1) vs. Johny Hendricks(11-1) Welterweight

    There is no doubt that both of these fighters are outstanding wrestlers that can dictate where the fight goes. With that being said, this may turn into a kickboxing match early, until someone get tired or finds a weakness in the takedown defense.

    Jon Fitch is a former welterweight number-one contender, with a 13-1-1 record in the octagon. The one flaw in Fitch is his inability to finish a fight, with his last nine fights ending by decision.

    The former oklahoma state wrestler, Johny Hendricks, has collected a 6-1 record in the UFC and has finally reached the top ten welterweights in the world after defeating Mike Pierce at UFC 133. Hendricks displays knockout power in both hands, followed by an excellent wrestling game that has stumped every opponent in his way.

    The big question in this fight is, if Hendricks is a better MMA wrester than Fitch. Hendricks is a higher caliber wrestler, but Fitch is a more expirienced MMA wrestler, by using the cage and short strikes to set-up the takedown.

    I believe that experience will make the difference in this very competitive welterweight bout.

    Fitch via Unanimous decision 29-28



      Nate Diaz(14-7) vs. Donald Cerrone(17-3) Lightweight

    With both fighters coming off first round submission finishes, many believe this fight isn’t going the distance.

    With a successful WEC career (6-3 1NC) “including two title fights”, Donald Cerrone moved to the UFC in February 2011. After defeating Dennis Siver via submission (Rear Naked Choke), Cerrone is now riding a 4-0 UFC record and maybe one fight away from his first UFC title fight.

    Nate Diaz is the TUF 5 winner, and will be making his fifthteenth octagon appearance. With great boxing and excellent Jiu Jitsu, has become a major threat in the Lightweight division, with wins over Melvin Guillard, Marcus Davis and Takanori Gomi.

    If you look at the losses of Nate Diaz, he has been dominated by fighters that deploy their wrestling game and survived the submissions of Diaz.

    Cerrone is mostly a kickboxer that isn’t afraid to grapple, but has shown problems submitting from the top position. If Cerrone keeps it standing, i think he will have the advantage.

    Expect lots of trash talking by Diaz, maybe Cerrone. Either way, this is gonna be a war.

    Diaz via submission (Guillotine choke) 2nd round




     Brock Lesnar(5-2) vs. Alistair Overeem(35-11 1NC) Heavyweight

    The Heavyweight number-one contender fight couldn’t be any bigger, with the return of the former heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, and the former Strikeforce and Dream Heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem.


                                   Brock Lesnar     –   Alistair Overeem

            Striking-                                                       *

               Clinch-                  *

         Grappling-                  *

    Submissions-                                                      *

              Cardio-                  *


    The last time Lesnar appeared in the octagon, he faced Cain Velasquez for his third title defense, but came up short in a first round TKO. that was over fourteen months ago. Lesnar’s long lay-off was due to his recurring Diverticulitis that resulted in him losing twelve inches of his colon. Lesnar says that he is one-hundred percent and is ready for Overeem.

    Alistair Overeem is a twelve year MMA veteran, with thirty-five professional victories and is now making his UFC debut. Overeem is also a former K-1 kickboxing champion with brutal and accurate knockout power in both hands and knees. Even with all of the striking experience, Overeem has finished a majority of his fights by submission.

    If Overeem can avoid the takedowns of Lesnar, this will be an easy night for him.


    Lesnar via 2nd round TKO


    PredictionsUFC 141, Predictions, Nam Phan, Jimy Hettes

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