2012 march | special events 101

March 04, 2012
  Avery Webster


When was the last time you saw someone perform music live? In a world studio editing, seeing a live performance is becoming more and more rare. Find time to go see a concert, and make sure you really enjoy it.

Find a band whose sound you love and who you think would perform well live. It might be worth taking them the time to look them up on Youtube and preview a live performance before buying concert tickets.

Once you’re there, splurge and enjoy! Get a t-shirt or an autographed CD. Music is art and you should have some merchandise to show everyone you support talented artists. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase you favorite bands and genres.

Take a friend, too! It’s more fun. You can be less embarrassed about head banging to some heavy rock beats or screaming your lungs out over a heartthrob cutie if you have a friend to party with. Make a night out of it and get dinner beforehand… make it a whole evening out on the town!

Not up for something young, loud and crazy? That’s okay, too. One of my dad’s favorite things is jazz music, and the best birthday gift I ever gave him was a pair of tickets for the two of us to go see Diana Krall live. It was low key and we had a great time bonding and enjoying some great music… she is a dynamic live performer!

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