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Does Your Body Burn Muscle or Fat First?

Author: Ben Lewis (Admin)
Bio: Simply awesome!

I heard from a few people that your body burns muscle tissue before fat. That didn’t really make sense nor did it encourage me to want to work out.
It didn’t make sense to me that as a person uses their muscles, such as when they are lifting weights, they are at the same time losing
muscle. So I did a little research online and came to a common answer.

Fact: Your body can burn both muscle and fat.

Fact: Your body burns protein first. I think this is where people get confused. Just because your body burns protein first does not mean
that the protein is coming from your muscles. But since we think of meat (muscle) as protein, we automatically think if our body burns protein first
that must mean it’s burning muscle. Not so.

Here’s how it works in brief – I’ll link you to one of the articles I found so you can read further.

Your body cannot store protein so the first thing it burns is protein found in it various forms. Any protein that is not burned off as energy gets
discarded through the elimination organs (colon, bladder, skin, lungs, etc). The next thing that gets converted to energy is simple and complex
carbohydrates in the form of glycogen. Then comes the fat, and lastly muscle tissue.

So there you have it. The answer to the question “Does your body burn muscle or fat first?” is, your body burns fat first.

Here’s the article I promised you: Fat Or Muscle – Which Does The Body Burn First?

Fitness TidBit Submitted March 27, 2012

Author: Megan Lewis
Bio: Super mom!

TidBit: You have to have energy to burn energy!

TidBit: To lose weight its 30% exercise and 70% diet.

TidBit: Drink a glass of water before every meal it will make you feel more full so you eat more correct proportions.

TidBit: Consistancy counts! it takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing 8 weeks for your friends to notice and 12 weeks
for the rest of people!

TidBit: But the best tip of all is, don’t quit! Make small goals to get you to your main goal. If you want to lose 50 lbs make a goal
of 10lbs a month or whatever works for you, then when you reach that goal make another small one. But don’t lose sight of the overall goal.
If your goal is to run a marathon take it a mile at a time. Run 1 mile for 2 weeks then the next 2 week run 2 miles. Find something that
keeps you motivated, take a picture of it, and put it somewhere you look at often.

Fitness TidBit Submitted March 27, 2012

Author: Michelle Hexum
Bio: Mom of 3 highly energetic boys and a business owner. Always looking for a
new creative way to keep my family healthy & interested in exercise.

TidBit: Always start your day off with 8ounces of water. It helps with your digestive system.

TidBit: Eat 5 meals a day…every 3 hours.

TidBit: Have a carb, protein & good fat at each meal.

TidBit: You can eat as many veggies as you want & won’t gain a pound.

TidBit: Careful on the fruit…even though natural sugar, its still sugar.

TidBit: Drink plenty of water (amount depends on your activity level).

TidBit: If you need snacks, prepare them ahead of time & put in separate baggies to avoid over eating – almonds are a great one.

TidBit: Stretching sucks! But its important to add to your workout routine :0) – Good to keep your muscles limber.

TidBit: Build a strong core- it will help with every other aspect of your body – but don’t do abs every day. Just like any other muscle, it needs a break.

Soma – how it can help you treat pain

If you are an active person, then you are probably someone who knows a little bit about injuries. Injuries can really be a pain, so to speak, and the worst thing is that they prevent you from going on with your life normally. Pain can really cause a problem […] Continue Reading…

This short review is written by a person who is not a doctor. In fact, before I decided to write up this review, I didn’t really know too much about medications in general, Soma included. However, it is a medication that has made my life so much better that […] Continue Reading…

Soma, or rather Carisoprodol is a prescription only muscle relaxant that has found itself more and more in the centre of the controversy due to it’s abuse potential. It’s one of the cheaper drugs on the market and it prescribed by a wide range of doctors and physicians, especially […] Continue Reading…

All people love sports. Everyone wants to be active as much as they can, especially when they’re young. We’re inspired by professional athletes, their strength and overall stamina, how they can just run and fight for their teams without ever stopping for a break; how they can even get […] Continue Reading…

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Soma, or Carisopodol, is a muscle relaxant.  But what exactly is a muscle relaxant? It’s a medicine that works acts on the communication between your brain and your spinal cord nerves. Unlike some other muscle relaxants, Soma doesn’t directly affect your muscles, it relaxes your muscles because of its […] Continue Reading…

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Soma, or Carisopodol is a effective way to temporary relieve you of any pain caused by muscle injuries. It works best if combined with rest and is a part of physical therapy. While it does not heal injuries, Soma can be a great help during the physical therapy and […] Continue Reading…

Somani group

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