The Need For Paraben Free Facial Moisturizers

Paraben are those chemicals that are found in about eighty-five percent of the beauty products all over the globe. This chemical is mainly used by companies as in important ingredient in beauty products because paraben act as a very important preservative. The longevity of any cream, lotion, moisturizer or any form of beauty product is effectively increased. Over the last seventy years, it has been popularly used across the globe by several companies. Recent studies however suggest that this is harmful for the skin. Therefore, the use of paraben free facial moisturizers has been widely advised by skin specialists and beauticians.

The face is a very delicate area of the body and is made of thin skin. Therefore any form of sun burnt, rash, allergy, mark, aging signs and many forms skin troubles are first noticed in and around the face. This makes the use of several moisturizers and lotions extremely important for the area. The presence of paraben in these facial moisturizers can cause several problems like testicular cancer in males. The male breast cancer cells have also been reported to contain traces of this dangerous chemical. The use of moisturizer containing this chemical therefore is harmful to the skin, because it is the largest organ of the body. Adversities to the skin slowly spreads to other organs.

Many tumors of breast cancer in women have also been reported to contain this chemical. The premature aging and appearance of wrinkles as well as age lines on the face are caused by moisturizers containing paraben. The main function of this chemical is to provide only longevity to the beauty products. The reproductive problems and failures are caused by this harmful chemical. The immunity of the individual and the growth mechanism of children is adversely affected by its use.

All these make it very important for face moisturizers to be devoid of this dangerous chemical in order to avoid several adversities. When buying such beauty products, one must always check the ingredients to be sure that the product is one hundred percent safe. Extensive validity period of these products, that is, long life span before date of manufacture and expiry date suggests the use of paraben. Therefore the face moisturizers that contain the tag line paraben free are safe and only those must be used to ensure maximum safety. Protect your body. Be on alert at all times in order too prevent the use of products containing paraben.

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