Prostate Cancer Helped By Male Hormone Therapy


Low testosterone level in men is the reason for the onset of andropause in males. Daily life functioning, sexual problems and mental problems become quite common in men going through andropause. But if there is an unnatural increase in the secretion of testosterone one can develop prostate cancer. Prostate glands in men secrete the all-important testosterone hormone. But if the prostate glands perform their function abnormally they can develop cancerous cells in the gland. The conventional methods are used for treating this cancer, but if one wants to slow down its rate then male hormone therapy can be a good choice. If the cancer is in its initial stages, male hormone therapy can even get rid of the cancer itself.

As mentioned above, male hormone therapy can not only reduce the testosterone production but also stop its generation altogether. The good news is that there is not just one method for male hormone therapy but several to choose from. However, observing the severity and its spreading in the organs is a must to select the best possible method. An experienced doctor starts the treatment by giving anti-androgens in varying amount, and then progressing to the removal of testicles if the need be.

Earlier, estrogens were introduced in the body so that it could counter-balance the level of testosterone. As estrogens are primarily female hormones, they became responsible for many side-effects in men. This treatment has therefore not been continued.

Another popular method is the anti-androgen treatment which can be used along with others. When the cancer is in its initial stage or has chance for recurring again then this method is quite suitable. This treatment is administered through medicines, drugs and pills.

Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) inhibitors and analogs are used in cases of severe prostate cancer. These are implants and injections, respectively injected or applied in the skin. These can severely lower the level of testosterone, and quickly restrict the cancer cells from growing.

In the most severe conditions, orchiectomy is selected along with radiation or chemotherapy for curing the cancer. Orchiectomy involves removing the testicles so that the testosterone can no longer be produced by the body. Anti-androgens are also used simultaneously with this treatment so that the testosterone production can also be blocked in adrenal glands.

In conclusion, male hormone therapy is a highly sought treatment for the betterment of cancerous conditions in males. As with other forms of treatments they do include some side-effects but can decrease the chances of death.

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