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eye-bagsMany people know that taking vitamins is good for your health.  But they actually play a part in the health of every part of your body, including you skin.  The right combination of vitamins can help make skin look better, be smoother and remain youthful longer.  A lack of certain vitamins may actually cause skin problems to occur.  

Vitamin A- Vitamin A is important for skin healthy.  It is known to help prevent acne.  It also helps repair skin cells and helps keep the skin from getting too dry.  A vitamin A deficiency can lead to overly dry skin and brittle nails.  Vitamin A can be found in fruits and vegetables, supplements and creams. 

Vitamin C Skin Care- Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is essential for healthy skin.  It is used to prevent and remove wrinkles and fine lines.  It is also used to speed up the healing process and prevent scarring after an injury.  When used topically vitamin C help with collagen production making it a good in anti aging creams.  Collagen face cream  and collagen skin care products are hard to find.

Vitamin E- Vitamin E is known as an anti-aging vitamin.  It is used in many skin care and hair care products.  It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can fight against free radicals that cause skin damage.  Vitamin E oil is often used to treat dry skin and conditions like psoriasis and eczema. 

Vitamin K- Vitamin K is beneficial in skin car and is used to fight dark circles under the eyes.  It may also be useful in treatment of discolorations or skin spots from sun damage.

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Kavanagh Consultants, LLC, Certfied Care Management Services include:

·        Medical Care Management

·        Geriatric Care Management

·        Assessments

·        Guardianship

·        Conservatorship

·        Representative Payee

·        Power of Attorney

·        Financial Manager

·        Assist With Moving (local and long distance)

·        Conflict Resolution

·        Counseling and Referral Services

·        Crisis Management

·        Preparation and Education Of Medical Interventions

·        Medication Management

Legal Nurse Consultant and Certified Care Management services that support the attorney client:

·         Chrolonologies

·         IME / DME

·         Screening Cases For Merit

·         Research of Nurse Standard of Care

·         Locating Expert Witnesses

·         Behind The Scene Review Of Pending Litigation

·         Present Written and Oral Review of Cases

·         Care Management and Compliance of the Client is Closely Monitored To Support Winning Cases


Please call, Toll-Free 1-888-291-5627, for your free consultation.

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Jun 28

No Celebration without Burgeration!!

Broadcast directly from Havana

Apr 21

Closed today Wednesday due to national mourning day

Broadcast directly from Havana

As today is national mourning day in China we have closed Havana Cafe Bar Lounge in respect.
We are open for business again tomorrow as usual.

Apr 10

Kitchen is open!

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Our kitchen is now open!

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We are still training the staff so please forgive any startups problems (if any)

To start with the menu is:

Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Chili Con Carne
Vegetarian Quiche
Classical Lasagna

and dont forget our snacks (available all night long)

Tortilla Chips & Salsa
Aperitivo Platter (bread, coldcuts, olives etc)


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Laser Hair Removal

September 30th, 2007 | Category: hair removal

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Epilation performed through laser was done experimentally more than 20 years ago. It officially came in the period of 1990s. Occasionally, laser and light based methods are called as phototricholysis or photoepilation.

 As well as, a few light-based epilators use a xenon flash lamp that emitted full-spectrum Intense Pulsed Light. In some cases, treatment by using this tool is supposed as laser hair elimination. In the methods of laser hair elimination, laser ray is utilized to remove undesired hair from different parts of body. This procedure is applied on the arms, legs, face or other regions of the body.


How does an individual ready for laser hair elimination?

 Before making use of laser hair elimination, a person must think about the components that will choose whether the procedure will likely to work better or not. This may contain the following:


Medicinal history – The professionals ask questions about conditions a person has with any medications one is getting.

 Photographs – An individual, who wants to take away the unnecessary hair from different portion of body, offers photographs from different angles of the body to be concerned. The experts utilized these photographs for long time analysis and before and after considerations.

Discussion of benefits, expectations and risks – A person who desires to eliminate unnecessary hair from different areas of the body must discuss with professionals about risks and advantages.

Who is a consumer for laser hair elimination technique?

 People who want to take away undesired hair from different region of body apply laser hair elimination method. The general areas for this therapy contain chin, armpits, bikini line and legs. There is no assurance to take away hair permanently from different part of body. It improves the hair free period that may be varied from different months to different years.  Hair elimination for long time is possible with various therapies.


The kinds of hair color and skin are the major components, which manage the getting of laser hair elimination method. This therapy is most efficient for people who have dark hair and light skin. However, it may be used on people who have dark form of skin.


What can an individual expect in the procedure of laser hair elimination treatment?


An individual put on goggles to avoid accidental contact of the eyes to laser beam in the procedure. While the laser hair removal technique is activated, one feels a stinging sensation. In some cases, a relevant local anesthetic is applied before the procedure to decrease pain. The procedure makes a slight charring of stubble.


How long the technique gets, it is based on the area of the body that is concerned. A small part of the body like the upper lip can get some minutes to take away the hair and the greatest part like the back may require some hours.

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Hair Removal

September 28th, 2007 | Category: hair removal

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Hair removal is defined as the process of removing the hair temporary or permanently from the human body by some means. Basically, there are two processes of hair removal, depilation and epilation. In depilation, hair are removed from above the surface of the skin as in shaving while in epilation, hair are removed below the skin as in waxing, threading, lasers, sugaring and through many other processes. Some people also remove the hairs with the help of the pluckers. Hair removal is a process that is adopted by the people from many years. There are many  medical, social, cultural and sexual reasons for the removal of hairs as some people remove hairs from their body to prevent the body from lice, fleas etc. some people remove hairs for hygiene, many types of treatment or surgeries also requires hair free body. In North America and Western Europe, hair removal process is compulsory for women so as to give a complete feminine look and for good hygiene.  In many art paintings of women, women are portrayed with no public hair. In many cultures hair removal is a mandatory process for both males and females. In western culture, almost men have a clean shave face. Only a few men have a beard. Some men shave their beard their beard color is different from the hair color, hairs of beard of some men grow in different directions, hairs of some men are very coarse so that they cause irritation and itchiness and many more reasons. Few men go for half beard in order to offer a different form. Some men also like to shave their heads as a mark of fashion. There are few women who also want to shave their head. In India, there was a tradition that a widow has to shave his head.  

                       As about religious reasons, in many traditions as Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jain and in Muslim head shaving is a common practice. Thailand monks shave their eyebrows and Brahmin children shave their heads. In Muslim culture, hair is divided in three categories. One is public and armpit which has to be removed for hygiene purpose, second one is beard hair that are recommended to keep and the third one are the hairs of hand, foot, back and chest, these hairs are recommended to remove for women while men have allowed to only trim the hairs.

                      There are mainly two types of hair removing methods are used by the people. One is temporary method includes shaving, depilatories, plucking, waxing, epilators, sugaring and threading and the second method is permanent hair removal that includes electrolysis, laser, flashlamp and epilight.

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