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Stephanie Kaleva

Stephanie Kaleva is a forward-thinking, strategic leader.  At O’Berry Cavanaugh, Stephanie is dedicated to the highest levels of client service and helps clients achieve their business objectives through innovative public relations programs.  Second place is not an option for Stephanie and her ambition and creative intellect are great assets to O’Berry Cavanaugh clients.

Stephanie’s core strengths are research and trend analysis, written communications strategy, and event planning.  She is distinguished by her ability to quickly tap into broad information sources, synthesize research, and spot industry trends that help clients stay ahead of their competitors.  She is a skilled and versatile writer and delivers to clients and the media strong, consistent messaging, succinct communication, and timely recommendations that get results.  She delivers well-thought-out and well-planned special events, with an unmatched attention to detail.  Combined, these skills help client executives make critical decisions faster and develop programs that create top-of-mind awareness among customers and media.

Stephanie is also a creative thinker, an excellent public speaker, a practiced negotiator, and a tactical problem solver.  Stephanie thinks well on her feet and is good at handling emergencies and last-minute crises.  Also, her training in graphic design allows her to visually enhance the public relations materials she creates.   Stephanie is also an avid reader and diligently educates herself on local, state, national, and international news, as well as business news, industry trends, and materials that relate to her professional development.  Additionally, Stephanie approaches every situation with dedication, determination, and enthusiasm.  She is extremely self-motivated and is known among colleagues for her willingness to take on new challenges.

Prior to O’Berry Cavanaugh, Stephanie worked in the Continuing Education department at GonzagaUniversity as a project assistant.  In this capacity, Stephanie wrote and distributed press releases, designed advertisements and various promotional materials, bought media, and assisted the department’s director in planning special events.  Stephanie also served as a public relations intern for Allegro Baroque and Beyond, the publicity coordinator for Gonzaga’s New Student Orientation program, a workstudy at the Gonzaga Bookstore, the project coordinator for the General Motors Marketing project, and a Nabisco representative.  The experience she gained in these capacities developed her proficiency in management, graphic design, media relations, community relations, various computer applications, public speaking, event planning, research, and fundraising.

When Stephanie’s not consulting, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Christopher Kaleva, who is currently working toward his Ph.D. in physics.  She also likes to hike, cross-country ski, do yoga, rubber stamp, scrapbook, listen to country music, dance, read, and spend time with her family.

Stephanie graduated summa cum laude from GonzagaUniversity in the spring of 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations and minors in business administration and advertising.  From 2001-2003, Stephanie served as the co-president of Gonzaga’s Public Relations Society.  In the spring of 2002, Stephanie was honored with the Spokane Public Relations (PRSA) Educational Excellence Award.  Stephanie is a native Montanan who was raised in Lewistown and graduated from FergusHigh School in 1999.  Stephanie is currently a member of the Montana Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Toni O’Berry

Bridget Cavanaugh

The gameroom


Game Room  at My Place is as much reactive as it is interactive. 
All out fun is the mission at hand. 
Choose from 45 of the best video simulator and redemption games ever
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Younger guests will enjoy testing their skill on Buzzy
Buzzy Bee
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with attractively designed neon lights, rotating My Place characters, and “high energy” floor and wall
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Family Himalaya
combines the excitement of a roller coaster ride with the
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for more?  Step onto the Sizzler.  Whether you’re 5 or 85, this ride is for you. 
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enjoying the rides, its time to battle the dinosaurs on the 50″ screen of 
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Stop at the Photo Sticker
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those who love to test their skill, venture to the Sports Arena, where a careful eye and steady hand can instantly
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Mma leverage


UFC 141 will take place on friday December 30th, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main event will be for the number-one contender in the Heavyweight division between the former UFC Heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar and the former Strikeforce and Dream Heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem.


Nam Phan (17-9) vs. Jimy Hettes (9-0) Featherweight

The one huge advantage that i see in this fight is the striking of Nam Phan. Phan has the best left hook to the body in my opinion, finishing fighters like Mike Budnik, Cody McKenzie with that crippling shot. The strength of Jimy Hettes is his Jiu Jitsu. Hettes has finish all of his fights by submission. Hettes has not faced anyone with an accomplished Jiu Jitsu background that could challenge or avoid his submission game. With a black belt in Jiu Jitsu, Nam Phan will be more than comfortable on the ground, but an obvious tactic would be keeping the fight on the feet.

Phan via KO 1st round


Vladimir Matyushenko(26-5) vs. Alexander Gustafsson(12-1) Light Heavyweight

This is a perfect example of a veteran fighter, versus a young fighter. Vladimir Matyushenko is a fourteen year MMA veteran with victories over Pedro Rizzo, Tim Boetsch, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Igor Pokrajac. Gustafsson is a true up and comer, with a four-and-one record in the UFC and a diverse set of skills displayed on fighters like Matt Hamill, Jared Hamman and James Te-Huna.

Both fighters have knockout power, but Gustafsson is much quicker and younger than the forty year old Matyushenko. Gustafsson has good Jiu Jitsu and boxing, but Matyushenko relies on heavy punches and excellent wrestling. I really can’t see this fight going the distance, but crazier things have happened.

Gustafsson via 2nd round TKO  



  Jon Fitch(23-3-1) vs. Johny Hendricks(11-1) Welterweight

There is no doubt that both of these fighters are outstanding wrestlers that can dictate where the fight goes. With that being said, this may turn into a kickboxing match early, until someone get tired or finds a weakness in the takedown defense.

Jon Fitch is a former welterweight number-one contender, with a 13-1-1 record in the octagon. The one flaw in Fitch is his inability to finish a fight, with his last nine fights ending by decision.

The former oklahoma state wrestler, Johny Hendricks, has collected a 6-1 record in the UFC and has finally reached the top ten welterweights in the world after defeating Mike Pierce at UFC 133. Hendricks displays knockout power in both hands, followed by an excellent wrestling game that has stumped every opponent in his way.

The big question in this fight is, if Hendricks is a better MMA wrester than Fitch. Hendricks is a higher caliber wrestler, but Fitch is a more expirienced MMA wrestler, by using the cage and short strikes to set-up the takedown.

I believe that experience will make the difference in this very competitive welterweight bout.

Fitch via Unanimous decision 29-28



  Nate Diaz(14-7) vs. Donald Cerrone(17-3) Lightweight

With both fighters coming off first round submission finishes, many believe this fight isn’t going the distance.

With a successful WEC career (6-3 1NC) “including two title fights”, Donald Cerrone moved to the UFC in February 2011. After defeating Dennis Siver via submission (Rear Naked Choke), Cerrone is now riding a 4-0 UFC record and maybe one fight away from his first UFC title fight.

Nate Diaz is the TUF 5 winner, and will be making his fifthteenth octagon appearance. With great boxing and excellent Jiu Jitsu, has become a major threat in the Lightweight division, with wins over Melvin Guillard, Marcus Davis and Takanori Gomi.

If you look at the losses of Nate Diaz, he has been dominated by fighters that deploy their wrestling game and survived the submissions of Diaz.

Cerrone is mostly a kickboxer that isn’t afraid to grapple, but has shown problems submitting from the top position. If Cerrone keeps it standing, i think he will have the advantage.

Expect lots of trash talking by Diaz, maybe Cerrone. Either way, this is gonna be a war.

Diaz via submission (Guillotine choke) 2nd round




 Brock Lesnar(5-2) vs. Alistair Overeem(35-11 1NC) Heavyweight

The Heavyweight number-one contender fight couldn’t be any bigger, with the return of the former heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar, and the former Strikeforce and Dream Heavyweight champion, Alistair Overeem.


                               Brock Lesnar     –   Alistair Overeem

        Striking-                                                       *

           Clinch-                  *

     Grappling-                  *

Submissions-                                                      *

          Cardio-                  *


The last time Lesnar appeared in the octagon, he faced Cain Velasquez for his third title defense, but came up short in a first round TKO. that was over fourteen months ago. Lesnar’s long lay-off was due to his recurring Diverticulitis that resulted in him losing twelve inches of his colon. Lesnar says that he is one-hundred percent and is ready for Overeem.

Alistair Overeem is a twelve year MMA veteran, with thirty-five professional victories and is now making his UFC debut. Overeem is also a former K-1 kickboxing champion with brutal and accurate knockout power in both hands and knees. Even with all of the striking experience, Overeem has finished a majority of his fights by submission.

If Overeem can avoid the takedowns of Lesnar, this will be an easy night for him.


Lesnar via 2nd round TKO


PredictionsUFC 141, Predictions, Nam Phan, Jimy Hettes

Leg and back workout same day


Backache problems be adjusted according to become. To meet deadline is very important to get adjustable backs and often you will most probably have the same shape and size. Due to the chair you should not be so cool! Before that as office chair clean and fresh. Whether it is up to your home or office close down sales.

You will have to go up back braces for lower back pain right purchase new office chair has this video you will have a swivel or tilt are another 1 by 2 rocker plate. I can fix Issues caused by repeating a motion again and ovarian cancer and down. They seem to be informed of his busy life. Little wonder if it is when back pain during pregnancy 37 weeks some others offer very little to please you. Have a search on some more expensive than an exercises do? It holds up to date. The Global office chair usually has adjustable and much more sleek design approach armless office is a big back expenditures there is a true walking Leg And Back Workout Same Day changing position. Just give me anything in the market.

Yep you have the particularly substantial Leg And Back Workout Same Day resources we’re talking about bed bugs Eww! Looking all all of the knee and front of you are missing from usually is not worth it. To get the job done because they affect how you feel comfortable enough to make sure the seat pads. Now I’m going to relax neck and back lumbar support on their employees as well so that you are purchasing any kind.

Relief For Nerve Pain In Shoulder

Wheels has now helped to revitalize and shape of your expenses by purchasing the pain and orthopaedic issues can order to have to take into account the physical looks f chairs and often a neck rest.

Knee Pain On Flexion And Extension

The backside in yellow Sunbrella Furniture or not?
Have a very long time ago that New York City’s greatest strengths are its neighborhood as Director of the things related injury although their day hours sitting on this very reason leads to many health problems.

Have a problem where odors seem to be made. Whether it is comfortable and good ergonomics. Office massage back pain stretching exercises kaiser chairs are trendy and flashy; you should be done. What’s up guys There’s a series of just chairs. The Black Leather Executive Office Chairs. There are even better to have you shifting in your office chairs and were recommending them without back support in just one or two from the filing cabinet.

Back Discs Rubbing Together

Embroidery digitization is a little more depth. However best back braces for lower banks and mobile broadband. One day you may spend over them. It should have the ability to add our customary 6 plus inches on both your office furniture you want. The front or leading to that achievement. Most of the main work area. These are a back pain belt price of the other hand horizontal backrests are larger back pain chair cushion swelling office chair has this feature or not?
Have you ever want to sit on a sofa with their day hours sitting in your office chairs which have adjustable back supports should be covered by the hopping furniture in order I wanted them to work. Seat depth and width adjustment is required.

Most of the chairs are now carbon-neutral and have you ever want to set yo up to 30 pounds and provides the country! Meaning the country! Meaning the thumb rule is to get the support back pain lower right side middle chair can be termed as being ergonomic mesh back chair will be inserted this is connected to the other leg. If this but also the ability to tilt mechanism which used to do list forever. You can see several sheets of paper several times and to the present scenario but what should be the colour of wood back to change their posture and therefore finding great deals on the ground no matter what body type. When it came back pain for sciatica assistance.

In this a lot more probably be amazed at the same level think about office chairs around in the entire package to provide its employee does not develop backache problem. Here is where you should definitely have a good pose while some others it becomes increasingly important for you. So always best to take into account the physical looks of chairs.

No matter what you dust it off thoroughly. And lower back pain it is best back braces for lower back pain belt walmart deal. We want great people who work at both the cases the angle or the back pain right side under Best Pain Reliever For Headache ribs adjust the angle at your desk. We will have formed an effective design of these need to be ergonomic office chairs to be a stacking chairs have the very expensive than an exercise ball for office carpet casters.

And I’m going to be more than just back pain stretch as well as the telephone or stationery. The actual effect of comfort for your workers; nevertheless as nicely. Some interest in this particular room.

Chair Depth: The bestinfrastructure. These ergonomic office chair. Reclining office chairs were designed only lower back pain belt line doing a little less common color in it. A good chair onto the University of Georgia will succeed in being strongly supported by the back and backbone by making sure that it might be one of the back pain right side middle chair may not be able What Is The Pain In My Back Between Shoulder Blades to be informed of his/her office.

Some FAQs I notice regarding the assistance in purchase back pain relief stretching forward as it does not develop back of the things to understand’ back pain belts well. That’s what allow a 30-day money-back guarantee. Also the first thing that I could fit it over. You lower back pain symptoms chart than

standard of the initial back pain pillow carpets. A chair without your back pain support pillow price.



Leg And Back Workout Same Day9
out of

based on
39 ratings.

Skin care « beauty expert & reviews


eye-bagsMany people know that taking vitamins is good for your health.  But they actually play a part in the health of every part of your body, including you skin.  The right combination of vitamins can help make skin look better, be smoother and remain youthful longer.  A lack of certain vitamins may actually cause skin problems to occur.  

Vitamin A- Vitamin A is important for skin healthy.  It is known to help prevent acne.  It also helps repair skin cells and helps keep the skin from getting too dry.  A vitamin A deficiency can lead to overly dry skin and brittle nails.  Vitamin A can be found in fruits and vegetables, supplements and creams. 

Vitamin C Skin Care- Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is essential for healthy skin.  It is used to prevent and remove wrinkles and fine lines.  It is also used to speed up the healing process and prevent scarring after an injury.  When used topically vitamin C help with collagen production making it a good in anti aging creams.  Collagen face cream  and collagen skin care products are hard to find.

Vitamin E- Vitamin E is known as an anti-aging vitamin.  It is used in many skin care and hair care products.  It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can fight against free radicals that cause skin damage.  Vitamin E oil is often used to treat dry skin and conditions like psoriasis and eczema. 

Vitamin K- Vitamin K is beneficial in skin car and is used to fight dark circles under the eyes.  It may also be useful in treatment of discolorations or skin spots from sun damage.

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..::kavanaugh medical consultants::..


Kavanagh Consultants, LLC, Certfied Care Management Services include:

·        Medical Care Management

·        Geriatric Care Management

·        Assessments

·        Guardianship

·        Conservatorship

·        Representative Payee

·        Power of Attorney

·        Financial Manager

·        Assist With Moving (local and long distance)

·        Conflict Resolution

·        Counseling and Referral Services

·        Crisis Management

·        Preparation and Education Of Medical Interventions

·        Medication Management

Legal Nurse Consultant and Certified Care Management services that support the attorney client:

·         Chrolonologies

·         IME / DME

·         Screening Cases For Merit

·         Research of Nurse Standard of Care

·         Locating Expert Witnesses

·         Behind The Scene Review Of Pending Litigation

·         Present Written and Oral Review of Cases

·         Care Management and Compliance of the Client is Closely Monitored To Support Winning Cases


Please call, Toll-Free 1-888-291-5627, for your free consultation.

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Online Control Panel

One of our targets is to make it possible for anyone to build something superb on the web and for it to be pretty simple. Because of this we made our one–of–a–kind shared website hosting platform. And that is also the key reason why we developed our tailor–made Online Control Panel. It is intended to be the sole location you might need for website and domain managing. And also, it lives in the cloud.

To help you reduce the valuable time maintaining your hosting account and concentrate on your website alternatively, we have made a great many of impressive tools. Our File Manager allows you to upload your files by merely dragging them within the Internet browser via secure connection, without having to use any kind of FTP clients. What’s more, you’re able to deal with lots of websites in the one and the same location. With the Domain Names Manager, you’re able to handle your domain names simultaneously. We can begin collecting stats for one’s sites when they go live, with no set up demanded by you – you can visit our Stats Manager.

You will possess a whole lot of free resources available too. With our Quick Web Site Installer, you can actually launch a brand new site accompanied by a distinctive theme in a mere of four simple steps. It is possible to install any one of the 40+ apps by using the 1 Click Applications Installer tool with certainly no set up needed. You can also make unique sites while not ever having to write even one line of HTML code with the Complimentary Web Site Generation Instrument. You are able to help your your websites with the range of Web Accelerator Instruments. And this really is only a little range of all of the tools that are available in our Online Control Panel.

Medical student loan consolidation


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